Client Reviews

Client #1:

" Well, that took a while! Finally, I'm writing a review for my favorite salon in the world! :)

After a long search for the best salon around in terms of prices, skin care they use, skills and knowledge of the esthetician, I found Linda Capizano! I bought Living Social deal, went for the first time and fell in love with her. Linda has over 25 years of experience and really knows her stuff! The products she's using are some of the best professional products out there. The ambiance of the salon is light and calm, with pleasant tunes playing on the background. Going to someone else before who actually told me that my skin is loosing elasticity (at 28), I finally found someone who makes my skin and me, look and feel wonderful! She always customizes different facials to make sure it fits your complexion and badget. You will walk out seeing the difference not feeling ripped off, just feeling positive and beautiful. I promise!

Besides facials, Linda also does hair. If you need a nice trim and color, she will give you that. With very reasonable prices just like her facials. 

Book your appointment now! You won't regret it;) "

                                                                                                               Marina K.

Client #2

" I don't normally "pamper" myself, but I saw a Living Social offer and I was curious what a microdemabrasion did, felt like and as I'd only had one other experience with having a facial (good one) I decided I might as well throw that in too.

Linda explained what to do to get ready, and continued to explain what she was doing as she went along.  Really, I pictured some sort of belt sander type of deal for the dermabrasion, but it was more like a tiny vaccuum cleaner, sucking up dead skin, etc.

Next came the facial, and it was great.  Honestly I couldn't stop touching my face on the ride back home- my skin was as smooth as the proverbial baby's bottom! "

                                                                                                               Melodie K.

Client #3

"Been going to see Linda for over a year and have been very religious about seeing her. In the past, I've gone to get facials and of all the places I've been - she is the most down to earth, reasonable, and professional. She makes you feel comfortable and her treatments ensures me that my skin is being kept in tip-top shape.

I have nothing but glowing reviews for her. To be realistic, I've had two occasions where she would try something new and seasonal on my skin and after I realize it did not feel comfortable- she immediately took it off and soothe my skin again. I respected that she wanted to try something new for me - but at the same time, I was even more impressed that she was understanding and gentle in fixing the minor irritation when my skin did not like it. "

                                                                                                              Lorraine T. 

Client #4

"I'm so glad I paid Linda a visit! I called and she got back to me right away and got me in the next day. I had the acne facial and my skin has not looked or felt this clean in the longest time. I don't really have acne on the rest of my face but I've always had troublesome hormonal acne around my chin and for the first time in 3 years it is gone. It was a bit sensitive afterwards but after moisturizing and not applying makeup to the area for a few days it healed perfectly and my skin tone looks even and radiant. The treatments were refreshing and the extractions were effective and not too painful. I'll definitely return and I highly recommend Linda! "