Sunscreen Dilemma

SkinSations / Hair Design by Linda
We are constantly given so much information today on many issues.  Some of it is based on fact others are purely opinionated speculation.  What is the difference?  What do we do? Things that are good for us are now bad and bad all of a sudden is good for us.  So last week during my commute I was listening to talk radio and they chuckling and talking of this very thing.  To my surprise sunscreens were mentioned.  Well, I shouldn't be surprised because I have heard of the controversy about sunscreens and the chemicals in them that can be cancer causing.  So I thought since it is summer I would revisit this issue.
First you should know and look for is "broad spectrum" protection.  This means the product will protect you from UVA and UVB rays.  UVB are the rays that damage the outer layer of the epidermis and the UVA are the rays that damage deeper dermal tissues which are responsible for premature aging and melanoma.  Look at your ingredients to make sure they have the ability to block UVA, most important.  They would be titanium dioxide, zinc oxide or anything in the avobenzone family. 
The SPF is another subject to address.  The number on the SPF measures how much longer protection you will have from the sun.  If it takes you 10 minutes to burn without sunscreen and you've got a SPF of 15 on then it will take you 2 and a half hours to burn.  No sunscreen will block 100 percent and not too much difference between numbers.  An SPF 30 will block 94 % of the rays, a 45 will block 97% and a 45+ will block 98%.  Reapplying is the key.
Using a Vitamin C serum under your sunscreen will boost your protection immensely!  Not only will it fight the free radicals trying to do damage it will help lighten the appearance of the brown spots.
One last thing, if it's over a year old...........throw it out!
I for one will be the judge of what is good for me and what is not.  I have preached sunscreen use forever and will continue to do so.
Be safe this summer and enjoy!!!