Winter Dryness

Hello Everyone!


Here we are already in February of 2015! I can remember the big hoopla for the year 2000!  Oh my, time does fly.   
If you are reading this that tells me you are still wanting to look and feel your best year after year.  Living a healthy lifestyle is a good thing and so important. I hope that I play a small role in that.  Just love what I do and love your company. 
                                                      Enjoy the read,    Linda
Chocolate Truffle Facial
Raspberry and Peach Enzymes to exfoliate gently and soften the skin.  Followed by the Dark Chocolate Mint Mask. Did you know the benefits of chocolate on the skin?  Very hydrating, softening, stimulating and rejuvenating. 
Dry Winter Skin
Do you know why skin gets so dry in the winter and what to do about it?
Low humidity and indoor heat increase dehydration. Through osmosis, water from the skin leaves the skin's surface into the dry air.  Results can be tight, flaky and rough which can also cause redness and itching.  It can also make sun damage, lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone look worse.
Exposure to cold winds and dry air can also damage the lipid barrier. The lipid barrier when functioning at it's best will protect of our skin from damaging elements and help keep water within.
Adequate hydration is essential for the skin to function properly.  Take proper care.

Apply moisturizer twice a day, use gentle cleansers, avoid fragrance and use lukewarm water. A Ceramide serum may also be used under the moisturizer if very dehydrated.
Happy February!

Linda Capizano